Brunch in Berlin: Le Bón

One of my favourite things to do on the weekends is sleeping in, which means that the eating schedule for the day is not “standard”. I find these perfect days to go out for brunch, since I love breakfast foods that are savory or sweet, and I am also looking for the best Eggs Benedict in town. So a “Brunch in Berlin” might be a recurring thing in here, we will see.

10 years ago I lived in the Neukölln – Weserstraße area and Kreuzberg and Neuköln have definitely changed a lot since then. Back then there weren’t many places people wanted to go to for food in those areas, or at least there were no so many options as there are now, since those districts have become more hip and diverse.

Le Bon is a little Cafe-Restaurant in Kreuzberg that I stumbled upon through Instagram and saved on my “places to go” in my Google Maps. Finally I got to cross it of my list.
The friend I went with made a reservation, which even though we went reasonably early on a Saturday was a good thing. It is a cozy place, with pretty minimalistic but tasteful decor.

I indulged in some Chai Tea, which was very well made (which is sometimes hard to get in this town) and ordered the Eggs Benedict. The plate at first seemed a bit small at first, but at the end it was perfectly sized. there was a small crunchy salad that complemented the eggs. The eggs  themselves were poached to a perfect point, not to runny nor to hard. Accompanied by the right amount of hollandaise sauce that tasted buttery and light at the same time. A thing that I have been particular about in the Eggs Benedict I have tried around town was the bread, finally I found the place that use English muffins (yes!). So all in all great Eggs Benedict!
My friend had avocado on toast which was well served and looked pretty tasty.

After a while of having finished of our plates and talking away, we noticed the table next to us getting some Pancakes. They looked so good that we decided to order one for us and split it.
As I said it was a day of indulgence 🙂 
To be honest I think these were the best pancakes I have eaten in a long while. Fluffy and accompanied with an amazing caramel sauce, jam and banana, as well as granola and vanilla cream. Just amazing! There are no words…it is as tasty as it looks.

The service was good, even though we had a small issue when trying to pay by card with the card reader, the waitress stayed gracious and nice. 
When we left Le Bon there were people waiting outside (on a winter’s day) , it is definitely a great spot and people know about it, so if you decide to go maybe make a reservation or bring some time to wait with you.
I will try to go back soon, which is a big statement considering the plethora of brunch places there are in Berlin.

Le Bon
Boppstraße 1, 10967 Berlin