Cake galore at Barcomi’s

“Kaffee und Kuchen” three words I associate with my german grandma and the times we visited this country when I was a kid. Germany certainly offers great places to have amazing cakes, such as Streuselkuchen, Bienenstich, Schwarzwälder Torte, etc.

When it comes to cheesecake however I prefer the american version instead of the german equivalent: Käsekuchen. (I am aware they are different recipes)
Barcomi’s can certainly satiate any cheesecake or just cake craving palate.

Cynthia Barcomi came from the US over 30 years ago to pursue a dancing career and in the 90’s started a new endeavour with her Cafe and coffee roasting, she has even developed her own kitchen ware and cookbooks. She has two stores in Berlin, one is the Barcomis’s Kaffeerösterei (coffee roastery) in Kreuzberg and the other one the Barcomi’s Deli in Mitte. Both are great locations, the Deli being a bit bigger, is a great stop if you are shopping in Mitte (photos are of this location). The Kaffeerösterei is smaller and quiet, perfect for a quick visit when strolling around the Bergmannkiez. 

You can find several ‘american’ items on her menu: such as bagels , sandwiches and salads.
My favourite however are the cakes,…to be more specific the 4 half-piece cake platter!!!
You can check out the different cakes for sale at the counter, which might make the decision only more difficult. You can choose between Berry & Apple Crisp, Apple Pie, Carrot Cake (this one changed my mind about carrot cake not tasting good), Devil’s Food Cake, Pecan Pie, etc. My true interest as stated previously lies in the amazing creamy cheesecakes such as: Lemon, Brownie Marble, New York, Blueberry or Cherry Cheesecake! They are truly delicious!
Barcomi’s also have special/seasonal cakes, for example now in autumn the pumpkin cheesecake.

I would suggest that if you are two or three people and willing to share, to get the 4 half-piece platter, this way you can try out different cakes without going to overboard. And believe me those “half” pieces are closer to the size of a regular piece. 

For coffee lovers there is an array of coffee beans to choose from as well as coffee specialties. 
Caffeine and me don’t get along in general, so I either go for the chai tea or the lemonades. But the people who have come with me to Barcomi’s have loved their coffee.

I recommend a visit at either location, just bear in mind that the Deli, even though it is hidden in a courtyard, can get pretty busy on the weekends. The staff has been always helpful and kind, even on days when the place is bustling.

Barcomi’s Kaffeerösterei
Bergmannstraße 21, 10961 Berlin

Barcomi’s Deli
Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin