Edinburgh food impressions

In Summer of last year I ventured on a city trip of a few days in Edinburgh. I did not overly plan my trip due to lack of time beforehand and knowing that I had enough time to explore the city on my own pace. Food-wise, the only thing on my to try list was Haggis.

Since I arrived in the afternoon I decided to have an early dinner at a restaurant chain I knew from previous travels: Wagamama, which serves japanese-asian cuisine. I went for the Yaki udon, which is a stir-fry with udon noodles in curry with chicken, prawns and veggies. I like the concept Wagamama has and the food is tasty and has a good amount of veggies.
A good atmosphere that also gave me time to plan out the next few days.

On my first day exploring Edinburgh the weather was a bit windy so at one point I decided to get some nice warm food, and I was in luck as I stumbled upon “Mums Comfort Food” that had been suggested by my travel guide and some other places on the Internet. I got some mash with delicious sausages, made by the Mums crew themselves. There is a good selection of dishes and options for your mash and gravy. The service was super nice and I would truly recommend this place. As it is great service, tasty comfort food at a good price.

Later that day after walking some more I sat down for some tea and some buttery shortbread, if you don’t get to it while you are here, then take some as a souvenir or gift (for yourself).

For dinner I decided for a restaurant chain called Wahaca, which serves Mexican food, once again a great place for a quick tasty dinner with tacos and fresh food. To balance out the more heavier food eaten throughout the day.

On my third day in Edinburgh I finally went to try the traditional Scottish culinary highlight that is haggis. It might not be a dish for everyone as it is made out of minced sheep’s meat and innards. I was eager to try it and decided to go to the Arcade, a haggis and whisky pub. The menu presented some choices and I decided to go for the “Robert Burn’s famous haggis”, layered mashed potato, turnip and haggis with whisky sauce. It was the right choice as the dish was not only beautifully served, but also very tasty (& filling).

On my last day I walked to the botanical gardens, which are beautiful. On my way back I was looking for something a bit healthier to eat and found a small Cafe called Skylark, where I got a smoothie and a fresh Falafel Salad. Here I also found a very nice table partner, a scottish lady who had lived in north america and we had a pleasant chat about travel, cultures and a bit of politics.

As the afternoon was sunny an ice cream was not a bad idea, so I headed to Mary’s Milk Bar, were there was a cue as they were closing down soon. They have soft serve ice cream, which is not my favourite, but I tried the sea buckthorn flavour which was pretty good specially while enjoying the view of Edinburgh castle.

Afterwards I enjoyed some Edinburgh Gin, which I wished I could have done more of , but maybe next time.

Edinburgh was a pleasure as a city to visit and a place to try some good food. Until we meet again.

P.S.: For breakfast and Water I just went to a supermarket and bought something to drink, a meal deal or some fresh cut fruit