Favourites: Let’s talk skincare

Well, I am not going to pretend to be well versed in all things beauty and skincare ingredients, cause I am not. But it did go through a process until I found what works for me.
A couple of years ago I found myself getting into skincare, which by then had only consisted in the use of regular soap and a face wash to help with blemishes and pimples..
I realize that I have genetically gotten pretty good skin, still I had blemishes from time to time, that felt like little volcanos and I am prone to a more oily T-zone. 
At first I went and bought just regular face cream and tried a couple of them, but it always felt like this thick layer clogging my pores and melting from my skin, especially since I tend to sweat easily. After a while my skin actually felt more oily and the amount of spots and pimples increased. 

At the time I was watching many beauty youtubers and found most of the products they suggested for skincare to be either not applicable for my skin type, to expensive for my budget or not available in my country. Until one of them (shoutout to Estee Lalonde) mentioned her boyfriends favourite daycream :”The Body Shop Seaweed Lotion”, from what she said his skin was similar to mine. I was also familiar with the Body Shop products, since I love their body butters, so I decided to give it a try.
Since then I have become a mayor fan of a lot of their products, trying out this and that and finding the things that fit me.

Here my skincare favourites:

The one that started it all: The Seaweed Oil-Control Lotion SPF15 PA++
A light gel-cream that sinks into your skin easily, it helps to mattify and keep the oiliness at bay to a certain degree (don’t expect 24h control). Good for mixed or oily skin, it also provides sun protection with a SPF of 15. Rich in minerals it contains Irish seaweed and has a light fresh scent that does not linger too long (in case you are sensitive to scents). 

Tea Tree Night Lotion
I have become a fan of tea tree oil and this night lotion has it as a main ingredient, helping with blemished skin that is prone to impurities. Once again I like it since it is a light lotion that helps moisturize and clear the skin. It smells a bit like herbal medicine, which I don’t mind at all, and if you have open scars it might sting a bit. This lotion is especially a life saver during that time of the month when my skin decides to bless me with a couple of pimples, helping to reduce them.

Australian Tee Tree Oil
This one you can find in places and brands, I just bought the one from the drugstore ‘dm’ from their brand ‘Das gesunde Plus’ and it has lasted me a very long time, since you are not supposed to use it undiluted. I use it mixing it into my day cream or foundation when I have more blemishes and pimples and sometimes just put a drop directly onto a spot, especially if I have a big spot or I messed about with my skin I put a drop on it and it helps with targeted pimple control and it antiseptic & anti-bacterial properties help wonders.
It can also be used with steam inhalation when you have a cold, with healing wounds (please research this further), with dry and scale prone scalp you can add it to your shampoo, etc. 

For face wash I have two favourites, unsurprisingly another tea tree oil product a skin clearing foaming cleanser, great to use after using make up remover it helps remove the rest of makeup and gunk of the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh. Once more great for oily and blemished skin. The other one is the Vitamin C facial cleansing polish with Amazonian Camu Camu and Aloe Vera. It is not necessarily a day-to-day product, but I love to use it in the morning. It is a mild polish that exfoliates gently. It’s citrus smell helps wake you up and it leaves your skin more radiant.
Well this is my first favourites rant, hope you like it.

PS: This post was NOT endorsed by the Body Shop, I am just a true fan of their products. It also does not hurt that they concentrate on community trade and no animal testing.
PS2:I am aware that the Body Shop Products are not the cheapest products, if you are used to regular drug store prices, but they last a long time and for me are  definitely worth the money, in particular if you don’t want to spend most of your salary on high street products. They also have 3 for 2 sale from time to time.