First (foodie) Post: Jones Ice Cream

I found Jones Ice Cream last year in late summer while looking at some foodie pictures on Instagram. After some weeks I managed to go and found myself in front of a shop closed since it was already autumn and the weather was getting colder. I personally think it is never to cold for ice cream, ….but unfortunately not everybody shares that thought 🙂 .

This year I finally managed to go….Several times!!! That’s how delicious it is!
The simple but pretty Ice Cream Shop is located in Schönebergs Akazienkiez.
If you are looking for your run of the mill ice cream flavours, then Jones Ice Cream might not be for you. But believe me when I say you will have a hard time choosing from the selection of creations they offer. From fruity flavours and sorbet, to more creamy and decadent options, there is something for every palate.
One can choose to get their ice cream served in a cup, a regular cone …or….in their amazing handmade waffle cones or even on their crunchy yet soft cookies.
I am partial to all things Peanut Butter, so it’s no surprise my favourite ice cream from Jones Ice Cream Shop is the “Peanut Butter & Jam” flavour  (Also great “Whisky & Pecans”, “Blackcurrant & Yogurt”). Cookie-wise I like the “Peanut Butter & Glazed Bacon” Cookie.

They are maybe not the cheapest ice cream scoops, but definitely worth the money and the visit to Schöneberg in case you don’t live in the area. The opening hours are great for a late summer night treat.
They also have an ice cream truck, which is how they got started, showing up in different locations around Berlin, in case you want to hunt them down.

Bottom line: Jones Ice Cream is worth the hype! And I will keep going back for more

Prices per scoop: 1,50 – 2,00 €
Additional charge for hand-made waffle cone: 0,50 €
Cookies: 2,50 €

JONES ice cream
Goltzstraße 3, 10781 Berlin