Sabor Latino – peruvian restaurant in Berlin

Being half peruvian I always miss dishes that bring back the taste of home to me. Some I have learned to cook myself, but some are more difficult to prepare and sometimes ingredients are hard to source…and to be honest sometimes the immediacy of getting to order food without having to cook is just the best.

In Berlin there are some restaurants that stand the test of time, others that unfortunately only last a few years. There has been a rise in latinamerican restaurants in the past years, also peruvian restaurants.
But the one that has always been there and is for me one of the originals is Sabor Latino.
This restaurant is located in Schöneberg and fortunately it has evolved with time, without losing -its essence. 

Entree Plate

More then 10 years ago when I first visited Sabor Latino, the establishment was not that welcoming and cozy, but the food was good. In the years after that they have not only changed the design of the restaurant to be more comfortable and inviting, but they have also improved on their menu and on their cooking. The only thing that falls a bit to the wayside if the restaurant is full of clientele is the service; just let them know and they normally react fast after that.

Causa de pescado

The dishes I would recommend as a starter are Yuca, fried Maniok; or Causa, cold potato casserole. 
Main dishes, for the more adventurous palad I would suggest Ceviche. Ceviche can be made with fish and/or seafood marinated (but not cooked) with lime juice. Plese be aware that you can choose how much spice (aji) you want with it.
Another great main to get is Lomo Saltado, which combines a fusion of peruvian with chinese influence, it is a stir fry with beef, tomato, potato, onion, soy sauce and red vinegar.

Lomo Saltado

To drink you can try out the peruvian cola called Inca Cola, which tastes like liquid gummy bears or even better a refreshing Chicha, a drink made out of purple corn. In case you want to try some alcoholic beverages the first choice would be Pisco Sour or a Chilcano, made with peruvian brandy made of grapes. 

There are other dishes that have to be ordered in advance and for more then 1 person, for that check out their website.

Looking to try some peruvian food in a down to earth restaurant with decently priced food? Take a gander at the well established Sabor Latino. 

Sabor Latino
Badensche Str. 35
10715 Berlin

Papa a la huancaina

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