Stone Brewing-the hidden craft beer brewery

This summer I had the pleasure to take part in an event by Travelmassive to participate in an excursion to Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens.
Surprisingly this hidden gem is located in Tempelhof – Mariendorf, not to far from what I call home, In Marienpark. I feel that most places of interest in Berlin are inside the Ring, which is why finding the Stone Brewery got me excited.

Stone Brewing is an American Craft Beer company from San Diego, that decided to settle their Europe project in Berlin, more specifically in the old grounds of the gasworks Gasag company. The old building and one of two Berliner gasometer beside it already give it a great ambiance, which is only reinforced by the design of the exterior and interior. Stone, grass hills, wood and gaslight fixtures marry the brand, nature and the history of the environment all together.

Personally, I am not a massive fan of beer, but recently I have been into trying different craft beers and Stone Brewing has a wide array of beers to try. Whether is from their own range or from collaborating breweries, satisfying your beer cravings won’t be an issue.

For those interested into the inner workings and the makings of craft beer there are tours of the brewery offered in either English or German, where the lovely staff at Stone Brewing explain where they originated, how they brew and what the different components of beer are, as well as the special brews they create. You can really hear how passionate they are about their product and company. I have taken the tour twice and the way they interact with the guests makes it fun and is an example of the great service they give. The cost is 3 € which I find a reasonable price, considering there is a small beer tasting at the end of the tour and maybe even another surprise.
My favourites beers are: all things IPA and the Ginger Lime Sour beer.

The main hall restaurant or their library bar make for great places to gather. There is also the possibility to have an event here in the different spaces or outside, if the weather permits.
At the restaurant the menu shows a well curated and diverse choice of dishes. There are international inspired dishes, as well as more traditional german courses. When sourcing the ingredients the Stone Brewing kitchen (run by: Robert Hilges) look out for organic and local ingredients, this in addition to the quality of the dishes, make it a bit more expensive then your regular Berlin restaurants, but definitely worth the extra money. (Top Tip:The Bitter Sweet Roasted Chicken).

I have jet to try their breakfast, but being as I am not far away this will happen sooner than later, and I am certain that it will please my taste buds.

So if you are looking for some exploring and an out of the ordinary place to go for beer and or food, look no further. It might be a bit out-of-the-way or the regular Berlin area, but step out of your comfort zone into the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens and enjoy the amazing environment, service, food and of course craft beer!

P.S.: There is also a shop where you can buy different Stone Brewing souvenir items, beers and homemade bread.