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Brunch in Berlin: Le Bón

One of my favourite things to do on the weekends is sleeping in, which means that the eating schedule for the day is not “standard”. I find these perfect days… Read More

Vietnam food impressions

A friend and I were eating at a Vietnamese place in Berlin last year, talking about travel and possible destinations, when he commented how tasty the food was (which is… Read More

Cake galore at Barcomi’s

“Kaffee und Kuchen” three words I associate with my german grandma and the times we visited this country when I was a kid. Germany certainly offers great places to have… Read More

Stone Brewing-the hidden craft beer brewery

This summer I had the pleasure to take part in an event by Travelmassive to participate in an excursion to Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. Surprisingly this hidden gem is located in Tempelhof… Read More

Thaipark, a small excursion to Asia

Can’t afford a trip to the street food markets in Thailand right now? Then take an excursion to the Preußenpark in Wilmersdorf, best known as the ‘Thaipark’! Just take the… Read More

First (foodie) Post: Jones Ice Cream

I found Jones Ice Cream last year in late summer while looking at some foodie pictures on Instagram. After some weeks I managed to go and found myself in front… Read More